Wage Theft

Devastating Indiana Workers

Every day, construction workers across Indiana are being paid less than they have earned. While state law requires that workers on many publicly-funded construction projects be paid a set wage and benefit rate, too many workers are unaware, and employers take advantage.

Indiana’s Common Construction Wage Law requires that workers earn wages and benefits equal to what is most commonly paid in their area, protecting Hoosiers from job loss to outside workers willing to undercut their wages.

This law often provides workers a significant wage increase compared to other projects, but employers will often pocket the difference without their employees even being aware that their earnings have been stolen.

Benefit rates are also a critical piece of Common Construction Wages, with many areas requiring additional benefit payments on top of wages. When a company does not provide a benefit package to its employees, it is required to pay the amount in cash on the paycheck. Many employers will pay the required wages while refusing to pay benefit costs. In many cases, this can be $10 or even $20 per hour that workers are losing.

The Common Construction Wage Law is there to protect workers from this kind of theft, and employers can be held accountable if your paystubs or documentation shows that you were paid incorrectly.

Stand up for working Hoosiers!

Take a moment and ask your legislators to support Indiana’s middle class by protecting
Common Construction Wage from those who want to weaken workers.

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